In 2015, Kreativ Dental was voted the number 1 dental clinic in Europe at the IMTJ Medical Awards. It is only fitting that the award for best clinic in Europe should go to a clinic located in the dental treatment capital of Europe. Patients have also rated it 5 stars on The dental clinic is located in Budapest, and it has been serving its patients since 1996, when Kreativ Dental’s first clinic opened. With a decade-long history in dental tourism, Kreativ Dental Clinic’s claim to fame is certainly a well-founded one.

Dental treatments

The clinic specialises in dental implants, sinus lifting, periodontal surgery, artificial bone replacement, porcelain crowns, bridgeworks, and several cosmetic surgery treatments. Kreativ Dental also has a competitive guarantee system in place that offers extensive guarantee times for a wide range of services.

Kreativ Dental welcomes hundreds of British patients each year who are looking for affordable access to modern medical treatments in a premier dental clinic that is unmatched for its high-quality services, ultra-modern German and Japanese equipment, and excellent facilities.

The Dental Clinic

Apart from its unique design and world-class equipment and facilities, this dental clinic in Budapest also has an in-house laboratory, which is also equipped with the latest technology. This allows for the streamlining of dental works that requires the collaboration of dental technicians, who are master craftsmen, always delivering the best quality work.

Kreativ Dental makes use of highly advanced diagnostic tools like the KaVo Arcus Digma II Digital Bite Registration, which is used to diagnose bite problems and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems with the highest precision and treat them accordingly.

Consultations at the clinic are free and patients can easily make an appointment by getting in touch with the clinic’s customer support team.

Kreativ Dental Team

The Kreativ Dental team is made up of dental surgeons, implantologists, endodontists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, metal and denture specialists, plaster and articulation specialists. The work of the surgical team is also supported by a team of interpreters for the following languages: Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Finnish and Scandinavian. Languages like English, French and German are working languages of the clinic’s staff.

Free Consultation Package

For its foreign patients, the dental clinic offers a free consultation package, which includes the followings: free 1-night stay at one of the clinic’s partner hotels, free consultation and treatment plan, free OPG X-ray, free airport transfers, and reimbursement of your flight tickets if you decide to start your treatment at Kreativ Dental within a 6-month period following the consultation.

The clinic has a strict on-site consultation policy, arguing that it’s the only way to guarantee the best quality, therefore, no e-mail or skype consultation is available.

Reviews and Testimonials

Thanks to the success of the dental clinic and the good reputation of the clinic’s staff, there are plenty of positive reviews about Kreativ Dental on all major dental clinic review sites including and Dental Departures.

You can read further testimonials on the clinic’s website and you can even watch video testimonials of patients who travelled to Budapest for a dental treatment at Kreativ Dental.

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