Private dental treatment prices abroad - Hungary is a good choice

Affordability is the driving factor for the increasing popularity of medical tourism throughout the world. Even if you include the cost of airfare, lodging and other expenses, many times you can save up to or more than 50%.

Hungary has become one of the prime movers in the dental tourism industry because of its costs as well of the quality of care.

Throughout Europe costs have sky rocketed, especially with dental implants, which has given Hungary a leg up. Also, which makes Hungary so popular is the quality of the work and the lengths the clinics go to ensure a smooth experience.

What makes Hungarian dental care so affordable?

The simple answer is Economics! The cost of living is significantly cheaper than that of other European countries, which translates into affordable dental care. From the salaries of the certified dentist, technicians, equipment, material, rent etc., across the board there are large savings. A perfect example of this is the salaries of the dentists in Hungary compared to those in France. In France the salary for an experienced dentist can range between €6,000 – €10,000 per month. That same dentist in Hungary would make between €1,000 – €3,000 per month. Along with other prohibitive expenses such as rent, these cost savings can be passed down to the patient in the form of total cost of each procedure.

Another factor for the affordable prices is the increase in competition from not only  Hungary and Europe, but abroad as well. Because the demand has grown for medical tourism, many other countries are jumping into the mix and challenging those who were at the forefront of the industry. To compete, clinics across the spectrum are adding more procedures as well as decreasing their costs and retaining their quality. Its simple economics that benefits the patient as well as the industry at large.

Does quality suffer because of the low cost of dental care?

Predictably, this is usually the first question which is asked concerning the affordability of dental procedures in Hungary. The short answer is that quality does NOT suffer and on average the quality is better. Many of the dentists here have gone to medical school abroad as well as in Hungary, and since Hungary has some of the best Universities, many of the dentists working here have studied here from abroad. This is a benefit as many of the dentists are multi-lingual and can communicate much better with the patients.

Are there package deals for Hungary?

As a Holiday destination, Hungary has become one of the top tourist countries in all of Europe. The capital Budapest, is on every top 10 list for destinations and offers a wonderful and hassle-free experience. Because of this, there are many hotel, airfare and tourist packages which can be used for your dental holiday. The clinics can help you arrange all of this, while looking after your needs from the time you land to the time when you jump on the plane. Clinics have partnered with hotels and other destinations to give you the most affordable package. Many come to Budapest to have their dental procedure and nothing more, while there are those who take advantage of the city and add a few days to both the beginning and end of their trip.

Review the price list below for a comparison to your home country.

Private dental treatment cost – Price list of dental procedures 2023

Conservative dentistry
Temporary cement filling 13 €
Groove closure 26 €
Tooth reconstruction 76 €
Aesthetic filling/1 surfaces 61 €
Aesthetic filling/2 surfaces 71 €
Aesthetic filling/3+ surfaces 79 €
Tooth filling under microscopic magnification 132 €
Trephination (first aid) 26 €
Microscopic / magnified root canal treatment 1 channel 145 €
Microscopic / magnified root canal treatment 2 channels 211 €
Microscopic / magnified root canal treatment 3 channels or more 303 €
Crown/ Bridge / Pin removal / Tooth 0 €
Temporary crown surgery 18 €
Temporary crown laboratory 34 €
Clips 92 €
3D printed tooth test 121 €
Wax-up/tooth 26 €
Inlay (Gradia) 211 €
Inlay (E-max) 276 €
Metal-ceramic crown 261 €
Zirconium crown with ceramic veneer 303 €
Full contour (monolithic) zirconium crown 303 €
Bonded metal-ceramic crown for implant 276 €
Screw-retained metal-ceramic crown for implant 276 €
Screw-retained zirconium crown for implant 316 €
Artificial gum for crown per tooth 53 €
Artificial stump with cast pin 92 €
Carbon fibre or metal pin reinforcement 76 €
Complete removable denture / jawbone 758 €
Full plate removable denture / jawbone 908 €
Partial metal plate denture / jawbone 908 €
Denture repair, base lining 92 €
Press-ceramic shell (E-max) 289 €
Press-ceramic crown (E-max) 289 €
Bite raising splint fabrication 92 €
Combined denture insert replacement 79 €
All-on-X 3d printed with implant temporary 605 €
All-on-X 3d printed with BLX implant temporary 730 €
All-on-X prosthesis service 105 €
Facebow bite fixation 61 €
Bite registration with retaining pin 184 €
Arcus Digma 2 temporomandibular joint measurement 303 €
Primer Stéges kontrukció/db 63 €
Oral surgery
Tooth removal 61 €
Surgical tooth extraction, sculptio 121 €
SAlveolitis kezelés 47 €
Root resection 158 €
Maxillary sinus closing surgery 105 €
Sinus elevation surgery (bone grafting) 461 €
PRF bone grafting 237 €
Verticalis/Horizontalis Augmentacio 605 €
Surgical template for implantation 237 €
Implant placement (Alpha Bio) 325 €
Implant placement (Neodent) 513 €
Implant placement (Straumann BLX) 776 €
Implant release/implant 79 €
Fixation of implants with locators 271 €
Implant removal 105 €
Implant head titanium Neodent 158 €
Implant placement (Straumann BLX) 242 €
Custom implant abutment 184 €
Medicine 0 €