Due to the rising costs of dental treatments in Western Europe, high-quality, yet affordable dental treatments may seem an unattainable dream for some patients. Helvetic Clinics have made it their goal to help dental patients avoid settling for second-rate services just because they lack the financial means to access better services. Helvetic Clinics operate in line with strict Swiss quality guidelines, offering services in modern, well-equipped clinics, where all members of the staff are carefully selected. Helvetic Clinics currently offer their services in Budapest, Hungary, but an expansion in Central America is also under way.

Treatment Options and Technology

Tooth extraction, dental implants, dental veneers and crowns, tooth fillings, bone graft and sinus lift surgery, tooth whitening are only a few of the dental treatment options offered at Helvetic Clinics. Technology-wise, the clinic is equipped with modern dental treatment devices and solutions like the Beyond Polus Whitening Accelerator, KaVo and Planmeca dental chairs, Carl Zeiss Germany and KaVo Arcus Digma optical products and measuring devices. Dental implants are carried out using the Astratech Dental Implant and the Alphabio Implant systems. The use of first-rate products from the cements, composites and ceramics all the way to the surgical and motorised devices ensures that your dental work is carried out in the best possible conditions and with the best-in-line materials.

Prices & Dental Costs

Even though at Helvetic Clinics patients have access to the most advanced technologies currently available in dentistry, the prices are not as high as prices in UK or other western countries. Helvetic Clinics have listed their prices on their website for each type of treatment offered by them, so you can easily compare these prices to the price for the same dental services at your local clinic. On average, you can save up to 50-70% on dental works by travelling to Budapest for your dental treatment.

The Clinic and Team

At Helvetic Clinics, patients are met with an 800 square metre clinic that accommodates a dental imaging centre with OPG X-ray and 3D scanner and an in-house independent laboratory with a team of 15 dental technicians. The clinic is equipped with 9 high-tech dental chairs, three of which are dedicated for surgery.

The work of highly experienced dentists is helped by dental hygienists, implantologists, endodontists, periodontists, orthodontists and other dental specialists and assistants. Patient coordinators, receptionists and office staff help patients with tasks related to schedules, general information, appointments, billing, translation, arranging accommodation and airport transfers, and answering any enquiries you may have.

Helvetic Clinics have received a 5-star rating from their patients on several dental travel and tourism websites including treatmentabroad.com, kelclinic.com, trustpilot.dk, and many more. The clinic is also among the “highly commended” clinics by the 2016 IMTJ Medical Travel Awards, and ranks among the top 1% of dental clinics in the world in a GCR (Global Clinic Rating) rating.

The high costs of dental treatments in Western Europe have made it very difficult for many patients to receive the best dental care. Many patients were left with no other choice than to postpone treatments, thus worsening their condition. Today, dental clinics like Helvetic Clinic made it possible for patients to gain access to dental treatments of the utmost quality, but without the financial burden that dental services imply in their country of residence.

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