Hungary’s medical tourism industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. More specifically the demand for high quality and inexpensive dental care is leading the industry as more clinics are setting up shop in Hungary. With so many clinics to choose from and the ubiquitous advertisements both online and in print, how do you choose which clinic is the one to suit all your needs?

Cost, services, special offers and staff are just a few of the ingredients that make a first-rate dental clinic, and which can determine your overall experience. If you’re looking for the best dental clinic and overall experience in Budapest, then check out the Hungarian-American owned and managed Evergreen Dental.

What makes Evergreen Dental the #1 clinic in Hungary?

Customer care and full service

Flying to a foreign country and having a medical procedure is no small task and can be a stressful experience. Transiting to the city from the airport, to navigating the city to the clinic and meeting the clinic staff for the first time, can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Evergreen Dental’s staff have a long history of working with patients from abroad, as many of their staff and Managing Director Artúr Kovács, have been involved in medical tourism for over a decade. Through every aspect of their service, your stress will be minimized with the help of the Evergreen employees.

Along with the experienced support staff, Evergreen Dental provides all dental procedures by highly skilled and certified medical professionals. From the driver who greets you at the airport, to your first procedure, you will be guided through the process with the utmost professionalism and care. Whether you have a full restoration, crowns and bridges, oral surgery or periodontal care you will be treated with the utmost attention.

As a full service dental clinic Evergreen does not begin and end with your dental procedures. Evergreen will also assist with your accommodations as they have partnered with various hotels in the city with a range of prices. For those who would rather stay closer to “home”, Evergreen provides accommodations in the same building as the clinic.

Cost of dental treatment

Dental care in any country can be cost prohibitive and as with many cases, health insurance does not cover dental procedures. In the case of EU citizens who do have comprehensive private insurance, your procedure will be covered just as if you had it done in your home country. It is always best to check with your insurance provider beforehand to see what procedures and services are covered in another country.

The cost of dental procedures in Hungary, specifically at Evergreen Dental, are not only significantly less expensive than in the US and Canada, but cheaper than other European countries. In many instances you will save around 70% on the total cost of the all procedures, compared to other countries abroad.

Quality of dental treatment

The quality of your procedure is what distinguishes Evergreen Dental from its competitors at home and abroad. No one wants to try and save money for a medical procedure at the expense of quality, which is what can occur in many situations. Evergreen backs its words with results, and with a #1 ranking out of 500 clinics in Hungary, there is no need to question the quality of care you will receive here and the long-term success of all procedures.

Every aspect of the Evergreen experience separates themselves from all other clinics both at home and abroad, while providing each patient with an individually tailored experience.

Contact Evergreen Dental and speak with our well-trained and multi-lingual staff to book a consultation or to answer any questions you might have in achieving that perfect and healthy smile.

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